Bees are endeared for their magnanimous social contribution to the world by being the most efficient specialist pollinating agent to fertilize flowers to blossom. Outside of their colony and within, bees are renowned for “Eusociality” – the highest level of organization, whereby they practice division of labour, thus creating Specialists. Embracing caring team-spiritedness, bees have evolved a sophisticated “dance language” as their unique means of interpersonal and team communication, directing to life sources like flowers and water, or quality nesting sites.



“Beezz Colony Spirit” to Digital Beezz

DIGITAL BEEZZ epitomizes the “Beezz Colony Spirit”: A team-spirited caring organization of diverse Specialists inspired by the Social Purpose of serving brands of the world, with our cutting-edge communication expertise, to help pollinate their further success.


The Journey of Digital Beezz!


Inspired by the bees’ “Eusociality” as well as their magnanimous social contribution to the world via pollinating flowers to blossom as well as delivering prized honey, two Social Media Bees laid the foundation of a soon-bustling colony.


The social world was abuzz, as Social Media Beez garnered its reputation as a proven Social Media Marketing Specialist.


Social Media Beez was accoladed with the Golden Globe Tigers Award for Excellence & Leadership in Social Media & Digital Marketing.


Further recognition for Social Media Beez, via winning ‘Most Influential Digital Marketing Leaders‘ by World Brand Congress 2016.


Social Media Beez evolved into other advertising and communications specializations for the Digital Realm.


Social Media Beez expanded its boundary from Digital Realm to also the Non-Digital Realm.

2019 & beyond

Morphosis of Social Media Beez into Digital Beezz. Now a provider of the full spectrum of Digital & Advertising Communications Services for the Digital Realm and Non-Digital Realm, covering Digital, Print and Video. From conceptualization of ideas, to full production and execution.


Who Are We?

Create great buzz to boost followers to your Brand (Project, Event, Product, Service, Etc) and build your loyal community, with the Digital Beezz full spectrum of Digital & Advertising Communication Services for the Digital Realm and Non-Digital Realm. We aspire to be your preferred and trusted partner via our proven expertise, consultancy and technical support.

Digital Beezz Services: (1)Digital Marketing, (2)Mobile Advertising, (3)Social Media Services, (4)Google Services, (5)Influencers Marketing, (6)Creative Services, (7)Brand Strategy, (8)Marketing Strategy, (9)Digital Analytics Tracking